Mosaic of tiger completed by Senart Mosaics
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Senart: Mosaics for Modern Living.
About the artist

From a love of drawing, to a desire to master a new art, in 2011 Janet Bowden stepped into the ancient world of Mosaics and was quickly seduced by the history, the magical way a piece comes together and the beautiful tesserae. Driven by a desire to capture her greatest loves, her family.  Janet commenced her own commissioned works using Italian smalti.   This labour of love saw three large portraits completed.  One of each of her sons, and her husband.  These pieces still have pride of place within her home.

Through the process of creating the "Labour of Love" series Janet also discovered a love of Italian Smalti.   The range of colours, the size options, and the vibrancy of the hues makes it a gorgeous product to work with, especially where artwork demands a bold approach.   

With a belief in continual learning and a desire to master traditional formats, Janet's most recent pieces feature marble and stone.   Marble work requires a very different approach as no two pieces are the same.    Senart commissioned pieces can be produced with smalti  stone or a mix of both.  The subject determines the medium.   

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